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Friends Only [December 3rd 2014|6.51pm]

Friends Only!
Add to be added :)
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[July 15th 2005|9.40pm]
A rare public entry. To anyone who wanders over here from the far corners of LJ-land, I apologise for my lack of input lately. Blogging is really the last thing from my mind. Long work hours and an imminent brevement in the family just doesn't put me in the mood for sharing right now. I'll come back to you one day but for now just keep smiling and think of the wonderful things to come.

For anyone who in interested....a quick update.
- Still working too much
- Having problems with my legs again which left me unable to walk for the most part of the day.
- Need to see the doctor asap as the burn on my arm is not getting better.
- Graduating on Wednesday but I dont know if anyone will come due to my grandfather being so sick.
- Bought a Mr Prince One Piece plushie which is the shit! :)

The computer is online 24/7 so do get in touch if you want. Gmail tells me when you lot have replied to anything so I'll get the message if you have to tell me something important (eg Tide-Line Blue is so awesome you have to see it).

Til later,
Danger Girl Extrodinaire!

ps sorry for the typos, I dont care :p
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A quick update so you know I'm not dead. [June 15th 2005|6.58pm]
Been working hard the last 2 weeks.
Collapsed in work yesterday >_< oops.
Seeing Batman tomorrow :D :D
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Avatars [May 10th 2005|4.30pm]
I just decided that to upload all the avatars that I am responsible for. I think it's kind of a personal reference more than anything. It's quite interesting to see how shit some of them are. If by some chance anyone wants to take any then feel free, just remember to credit.

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Just stolen from kiraqueen [April 6th 2005|11.25am]
List fifteen fandoms. You must then try to guess my favourite character from each fandom. When someone is correct I will bold the fandom and answer.

(Note: Most of my fandoms are anime so sorry to those who pay no attention to this area).

1. One Piece (Goodie)
2. One Piece (Villain)
3. Beck
4. Full Moon Wo Sagashite
5. CSI
6. Kaleido Star
7. Gravitation
8. Azumanga Daioh
9. Lord of the Rings
10. Rurouni Kenshin
11. Sean Bean Death Scene!
12. Ranma 1/2
13. Inuyasha
14. Peach Girl
15. Sailor Moon (This one could require very specific answers)

I don't know if there's anyone who'll know them all but I think 75% should be fairly obvious.

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Cosplay Diary [March 10th 2005|1.40pm]
I'm going to do a quick run down of how much I've spent on this costume so far. It would be nice to have an idea of how much I will have spent by the end of it.

Shoes - £15*
Foot socks - £2*
Patterns - £6.90
Felt for hat - £4.50
Ribbon for hat - 69p
Orange cotton - £1*
Fimo - £4*
Clear nail varnish - £1*
Beads - £1
Earring attachments - £2
Wig - £10
Glue - £2.50*
Foam head - £5*
Paintbrush - £1*
Heming tape - £1
Hair clips - £2.50*
Total = £60.09
Total - * = £26.09

Still need to buy gloves, material for dress, material for jacket, buttons/zips/cotton as required, coloured contact lenses, printing material for dress mattern.
No decision will be made on the umbrella until nearer the time as I dont know whether I'll be able to take it with me.

That really is rather a lot to have spent on this without even having a dress yet BUT if you take away all the items that I can use again, or can make use of in everyday life, then it isn't so bad. These items are marked with a *
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Cosplay Diary [March 9th 2005|6.24pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Hat Complete!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

All I need now are the coloured contacts and a hair net and the head is complete.

Next week I will buy gloves which will only leave the dress and coat to make >_<
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Cosplay Diary [March 9th 2005|12.24pm]
It's funny how impatient a person can get over something that they can't even use for another 6 months. Last night, if you read my journal entry, you will have learned about my hat making experiments. This morning it was almost dry. Unfortunatly I'd glued a lot of pins in between the two layers of felt so I've had to pull the edges apart a little to get them out and as a result I've had to reglue those edges. To be honest I probably would have needed to reglue them anyway but, because I'm being all excited and impatient and things,

Other than the pin and glue issue it is looking rather good. I've actually pulled it off the head to try it on briefly and I think it is going to be very suitable. Hopefully by tonight the glue should have set. I need to get in to town sometime today to buy some orange felt for the brim. And some orange cotton as well. I feel like doing a great big *squee* :D
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Cosplay Diary [March 8th 2005|10.40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Tonight I may have found the solution to my cosplay hat nightmare.

Toby's parents were down a few weeks ago and his mother suggested getting a beret, wetting it and then moulding it to shape. The very next day I spotted on ebay a book about making felt hats. These ideas together sent me off in hunt of a felt hat making recipe online and I found this site.

So I bought myself some felt...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And a head....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And made myself a hat...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's drying currently. I so hope that it turns out ok. I think I may not have used enough glue so I'm definatly worried about that.
Fingers crossed for me ok :D

In other news...
I have bought the clips and some foot tights to go in the shoes. If the hat turns out ok I'll be cutting the wig tomorrow.

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Cosplay Diary [February 16th 2005|4.47pm]
I bought shoes for my costume.

They're not exactly like Miss Valentines but they're good enough.

I decided on a small heel due to the fact I'd be spending the whole day on my feet. I didn't like the sound of standing in 4 inch heels for 10 hours.

Note: I know it looks like they dont fit me but they do, honest. A smaller size would have been murder.
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Cosplay Diary [February 16th 2005|2.23pm]
Today the patterns that I bought to base the dress on arrived.
Images behind cutCollapse )

I have also bought a potential wig.

This is the right colour but very long for what I need. It's actually a lot longer than the picture on the packet. I'm a little disappointed with it. It doesn't matter too much though as I plan to cut it. I hope that it will look ok when it's cut, if not I'll buy another one from Ebay that is the exact style that I want. For a test run this will do ok.

The hat is still under construction. I'm not sure that knitting/crocheting it is the right way to go but I dont have a lot of other options. I'm going to make some suggestions to the person making it for me as to how we can make it closer to the necessary shape andstyle. I'm not too worried about it. It'll turn out ok i'm sure.

Other than the above I have been looking around for some of the additional pieces of the costume. White court shoes seem to be appearing in shoe shops now, though not quite the one's I need. By the summer they'll no doubt have some closer to the style that I require, if not, I'll just get one's similar to what I've seen already.

Clips - Have looked in Claire's. Plenty there. Won't be purchasing until later in the year.
Gloves - Have not found yet.
Contacts - Argos - £20 - Will purchase in August.

The umbrella may have to be dropped from the costume as there is some debate as to whether or not I can carry it at the convention. The committee have not yet decided whether an umbrella counts as a dangerous weapon therefore it may have to be dropped :(
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Cosplay Diary [January 30th 2005|5.00pm]
I've just made a bunch of screen caps in order to get an idea of what needs to be done for the costume. This entry is basically a reference so I can see how everything looks and what I need to do.
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Cosplay Diary [January 29th 2005|7.59pm]

Miss Valentine Earrings
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Cosplay Diary [January 29th 2005|6.24pm]
Today I made my first attempt at making the earring for my costume.
First I had to buy beads. Unfortunatly they don't sell ones in the colour and size that I need so decided the best method was to buy white beads and paint them.

That's them drying after they were attacked by nail polish.. It seems to have done the trick nicely.
Waiting on the Fimo earrings to harden in the oven before I construct them.

I also found this hat for sale on ebay.

It's the wrong colour and it has a flower but in essence that is the hat I need for the costume. I'm going to print it out and circulate it around the family until someone offers to make it or to give me a pattern. I think it should be fairly simple so fingers crossed.
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Cosplay Diary [January 24th 2005|10.53am]
Today my fimo arrived.

If I have time today I will attempt to make the earrings.

Today I also plan to buy myself a sewing box and a container to keep my cosplay materials in.
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Cosplay Diary [January 20th 2005|12.25am]
[ mood | creative ]

In August 2005 I intent to cosplay as Miss Valentine from One Piece with my husband Toby as Mr 5. His costume is nearly complete already. Mine needs some work. Therefore I am going to document the making of this costume in this journal.
Here's two pictures of Miss Valentine for those who dont know her.

Today the first part of my costume arrived. Head pins and hooks to make the earrings.

I've ordered some fimo in order to make the lemon slices to go on these. I hope it will arrive shortly.
I was also informed that a yellow umbrella similar to what I've been searching for has been found in Swansea market. On the way to the train station tomorrow I will call in and take a look
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[December 19th 2004|10.28pm]

Get Stamped at
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