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Hello? It's called a lance!

24 June 1981
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I've taken the decision to make this journal friends only. It's not that I dont want people reading it, I would just prefer to know who is. Feel free to add me and I'll no doubt add you back, unless of course you're someone I know to be a git. But do add me if you want, I'd love to have you as a LJ friend.


Name: You can call me Lowri
Age: Twenty Something
Sex: Girl
Nationality: British
Occupation: Royal Mail Employee
Marital Status: Separated
Height: 5'6ish
Weight: Eugh Too much
Hair: Very dark brown at the moment and kinda short
Eyes: Two tone brown/green.
Pets: 4 Guinea pigs called Mini Pig, Suzie, Homer & Stampy/Horatio.

Likes: Sugar, wasting time, watching US drama series.
Dislikes: Being told I'm wrong, bacon, big headed people.
Favourite Anime: One Piece.
Favourite Music: Bryan Adams, NewS, Franz Ferdinand and a mix of 90's stuff.
Favourite Food: Clementines :D
Favourite Film: Die Hard!
Favourite Joke: What do you call a fish with no eye? FSH!!!

Here's me!

More soon :D

Currently working for Royal Mail Swansea. It's no-brainer work but the pay is good enough to keep me going so very few complaints from me. Apart from it being a night shift that is ;_; I've just split up with my husband so I'm ploughing my way through life as a singleton. It's harder than I thought, living on my own. I dont have a car so I cycle everywhere now. That's not so bad and it's a little bit of exercise everyday. I'm trying to live life a little better because of this. I'm going out more, I'm decorating, I'm doing things I wouldn't normally do. Hopefully, I'm bettering myself. :)

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Watching: 24, Brothers & Sisters, Scrubs, ProDai.

Reading: Wicked.

Obsessing Over: YamaPi & NewS, JDorama, setting up a bar in my garage.

Wanting: More fun and more friends. And a new hobby.

Listening to: Oricon Charts, Kings of Leon, Fall Out Boy, NewS.

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A few communities that I maintain.

I am Welsh and I loved

I am British and I loved.

i&apos;m in gryffindor! I <3 Beck!

Peanut Butter Jelly Time Is Love

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